Victorian State Party Agenda 23rd November

Author: Nathan Spataro

Victorian State Party organisation meetup to be held on Wednesday the 23rd of November in Melbourne.

The purpose of the meeting is to make introductions between Flux Party members in Victoria, as well as establish key goals and outcomes for the creation of both a Victorian Flux Party, and a Victorian National Party Branch.

Members attending should be prepared to make a degree of commitment toward achieving these goals and outcomes.

This meeting is for current party members, and it is assumed that attendants understand and support the Flux System of issue based direct democracy.

Location and time details can be found on the meetup page.

# Agenda

  • Welcome and introductions - Each attendee introduces themselves to the group, why they’ve come along and what lead them to join the movement - Important to note here that this not an educational meetup and those seeking information should visit the website or stay posted for later social meetups.

  • Outline purpose and structure of meeting
    • Purpose: To discuss and plan for the establishment of a Victorian State Flux Party and Branch of the Federal Party, the growth and strengthening of the community in Victoria and to acquaint key members involved in the process with one another.
    • Structure: Meeting should be chaired by one person who will at times open up discussion or input from the group. This person is not a fixed chair and should change between meetings. A member should be nominated to keep minutes for the meeting.
  • Set ‘Team Norms’ - This is a discussion during which the team creates a list of standards for their conduct with one another. This is a collaborative document and is never finished. It can be added to at any time.

  • Establishing a Flux Party and State Branch
    • What’s involved
      • Validation of current membership - Currently 944 Victorian members should yield at least 550 validated members.
      • Selection of office bearers - To be chosen from and by Victorian membership with Federal leadership to approval (Not necessarily at this meeting).
      • Written constitution
      • Completion and submission of VEC paperwork - Should be completed by VEC office bearers.
      • State Branch application submission to AEC - See for details on State Branch application
    • Roles required
      • Registered Officer (VEC requirement) - Typically responsible for nominations. Otherwise general party management.
      • Secretary - Typically responsible for correspondence with the AEC and party correspondences. For our purposes, this person should also act as a Communications Manager, responsible for emails to membership and correspondence with Federal Party leadership.
      • Treasurer - Responsible for party finances and financial reporting.
      • Membership Coordinator - Responsible for arranging meetups and other Party events. First point of contact for new members looking to get involved. Actively finds ways to engage and increase party membership.
  • Growing the Flux Community in Victoria
    • Team idea brainstorm - Generate ideas around how to engage the Flux community and choose from the best to work toward actioning.
    • Discuss frequency of social and organisational meetups - Organisational meetups where key goals and outcomes are discussed and worked toward should be kept separate from social gatherings at pubs etc.
  • Organise efforts
    • Team to discuss which goals they would like to work towards and self organise
    • Confirm action items and set date for next meeting

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