Flux announces 24 candidates to contest State election

Author: Nathan Spataro — Wed, 15 February 2017

# Sitting Councillor, Financial Adviser, School Teacher and an Accountant among candidates for Flux’s first WA state election campaign

15 February 2017 (PERTH) – The Flux Party formally announced their candidates for the 2017 WA State Election at an event on the stairs of State Parliament, with party state secretary Pieter Lottering discussing the party’s ‘strong prospects’ of taking home upper house seats on March 11.

“We ran for the WA Senate in 2016 and have built up an incredible team of volunteers on the ground here in WA who are dedicated to giving the people of Western Australia the opportunity, for the first time, to truly have a say in state politics,” said Mr Lottering.

“What stands these candidates apart isn’t their diverse background, it’s their dedication to truly represent the wishes of the people of Western Australia on every issue before parliament, as expressed through the Flux app.”

Described by TIME as “A new voting idea that could radically change politics”, and by SBS, as the “Election revolution by smartphone”, the Flux app allows the people of Western Australia to vote on every piece of legislation that comes before parliament.

According to Voyage Financial Managing Partner and Flux candidate for the South Metro region, Alex Brownbill, the opportunity to represent Flux at the WA election will allow him to create meaningful change in the way Western Australians interact with their legislature.

“By voting Flux at this election, you’re voting for the opportunity to have a say on every issue that comes before the state parliament. You’re no longer forced to choose between two ideological camps, you can express your nuanced political voice on every single issue,” said Mr Brownbill.

“Every single one of my clients whom I’ve spoken to regarding my candidacy has expressed enthusiasm at the opportunity to fix our political system and give every Western Australian a voice in the next parliament.”

The Flux concept is simple: it allows registered Western Australian voters to direct how elected Flux members vote on legislation by expressing their preference via the Flux app.

Erinn Stanfield, a teacher in Challis Community School Armadale and Flux candidate for Cockburn in the South Metropolitan region, was moved to stand for Flux by the need to create a better political system that will serve the needs of her students as they grow up.

“I work with young people every day, and want to help create a society that they’d be proud to grow up into. For too long, partisan politics has reduced our political discussion to binary options, but I know our young people expect more than that from us,” said Ms Stanfield.

The highly secure Flux app is based on blockchain technology, which resolves key existing issues associated with online voting including incorruptibility, privacy, ballot secrecy, end-to-end transparency and verification.

“As a Flux representative, I am prepared to give up my autonomy and vote according to the wishes of the people, expressed via the Flux app,” said Flux Candidate for the Agricultural region and sitting Geraldton City Councilor, Cr. Freer.

“Flux will operate in the form of an app you can access right from your computer or smartphone.”

“Together this election we have the opportunity to Flux the system by giving the power in parliament back in to the hands of the people, where it belongs,” concluded Cr Freer.

Flux is running candidates in all West Australian upper house regions, as well as in the lower house districts of Thornlie, Darlington Range, Kimberley, North-West Central, Pilbara, Kalgoorlie, Perth, Cockburn, Mandurah, Murray-Wellington, Dawesville and Bunbury.

Media contacts:

Shane Allison, Federal Communications Director, mob. 0402 219 963

# Flux candidates for the 2017 Election

Agricultural 1 - Lewis Freer

Agricultural 2 - Peter Turner

East Metro 1 - Rob Redfearn

East Metro 2 - Jim Taylor

Thornlie - Andrew Van Dam

Darlington Range - Chris Barker

Mining & Pastoral 1 - Kai Shanks

Mining & Pastoral 2 - Melissa Taaffe

Kimberley - Ryan Albery

North-West Central - Adrian D’Cunha

Pilbara - Mark Dunn

Kalgoorlie - James Erwin

North Metro 1 - Josh Van Ross

North Metro 2 - Owen Merriman

Perth - Ben Ballingall

South Metro 1 - Alex Brownbill

South Metro 2 - Keith Pomeroy

Cockburn - Erinn Stanfield

South West 1 - Daithi Gleeson

South West 2 - Mark Bentley

Mandurah - Sebastian Carrie-Wilson

Murray-Wellington - Daniel Radley

Dawesville - Liam Spence

Bunbury - Anthony Shannon

Flux Candidates

# About Flux

The Flux Party was formed in late 2015 as a new concept in democracy with the stated aim of returning democratic power to individual voters. Under the Flux model, elected Flux representatives will vote on legislation before them only as they are directed by a majority vote of Flux participants, using the secure Flux app. Voting on the Flux app will be open to any West Australian who is eligible to vote.

The Flux Party was founded by technology entrepreneurs Nathan Spataro and Max Kaye. The Flux app is based on blockchain technology, which resolves existing issues associated with online voting including incorruptibility, privacy, ballot secrecy, end-to-end transparency and verification. In the March 11 WA State Election Flux is fielding 24 candidates.

Email: media.wa@voteflux.org

Website: voteflux.org

Press Kit: goo.gl/q6iZk6

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