Flux launching DigiPol app for WA 2021 State Election

Bringing Digital Democracy to WA 2021

Author: Daithí Gleeson — Sat, 8 August 2020
08 August 2020 (PERTH)

The Flux Party is releasing a technical preview our app DigiPol to bring #DigitalDemocracy to the WA state election in March 2021. The app is designed to give people access to a digital parliament on their smartphones. It has been developed by an open source community of developers and testing among Flux members for a number of months. In the coming weeks, more Flux members and the general public will be invited to join the platform.

The timing of the release is aligned for the WA state election, something we have incorporated in to our strategy for the upcoming campaign. The long-term campaign objective has always focused on building a general awareness of the Flux ideas to support use and adoption of our app upon launch. We have thousands of registered members and many more in the general public who have expressed keen interest in our idea of an app over the years - and now we’re going to find out what they think of it.

Four years ago people were still somewhat hesitant about using their phones for secure transactions. In that time, we have seen significant widespread adoption of phones to manage our personal communications and finances. We’ve also spent that time building our technology to let voters use their phones for one more important part of their lives - having a valid input into political decisions.

We’re not talking about online elections. We’re talking about starting with a simple digital direct democracy. People use the app to find the bills and issues they care about. They read up about them and if they want, they can show their support or opposition by voting via a secure process that protects their privacy.

We invite you to test our our app. If after trying it, you don’t think it’s a good idea… we’ll be surprised, but very well. Best wishes to you.

We believe many people will be interested in the app and the underlying ideas we talk about. The core of some of the ideas is not new.

In Switzerland, Direct Democracy has a long tradition: The origins of Direct Democracy can be traced back to the late the middle ages: archaic forms (assemblies of the electorate discussing and deciding major political issues) have been practised in part of the country since the founding of the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1291.

The origins of Switzerland’s modern system of Direct Democracy with formalised opinion polls and frequent referendums lie in the experimental phase of democracy in the 19th century when Switzerland was surrounded by monarchies on the European continent that showed little to none enthusiasm for democracy.

— Excerpt from http://direct-democracy.geschichte-schweiz.ch/

We believe that DigiPol will be another interesting step along the way to explore what Digital Democracy could offer us in terms of solutions.

In the upcoming campaign, Flux is running candidates in all West Australian upper house regions, with more to be announced as the campaign progresses.

The app will be made freely available on Android and iOS platforms.

Media contacts:

Daithí Gleeson - dg@voteflux.org

Flux Candidates

About Flux

The Flux Party was formed in late 2015 as a new concept in democracy with the stated aim of returning democratic power to individual voters. Under the Flux model, elected Flux representatives will vote on legislation before them only as they are directed by a majority vote of Flux participants, using the secure Flux app. Voting on the Flux app will be open to any West Australian who is eligible to vote.

The Flux Party was founded by technology entrepreneurs Nathan Spataro and Max Kaye. The Flux app is based on blockchain technology, which resolves existing issues associated with online voting including incorruptibility, privacy, ballot secrecy, end-to-end transparency and verification.

Email: media.wa@voteflux.org

Website: voteflux.org

Press Kit: goo.gl/q6iZk6

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