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Is membership free?

Yes. Membership is free forever. We don't believe charging a membership fee is necessary, and are working on other methods of funding to ensure we can provide open access to democracy to as many people as possible.

Does Flux have a platform?

Yes and no. We do have a platform of parliamentary reform, and we deliberately do not have any other platforms. We only seek to change the way decisions are made, not to actually make the decisions ourselves. The vision of Flux is not to be the source of new policy. The vision is to help the best policy be written.

Are membership details confidential?

Yes. Membership details will be exclusively used for party business, and never sold or willfully disclosed. Currently only Nathan and Max have access, though this will expand slightly as Flux proceeds through the registration process.

Why do I need Flux; I already have a representative?

While some representatives are good, none are good enough to represent everyone in their electorate. Too often people's concerns are ignored because their representative has different views to them. Flux believes nobody should be cut off from democracy just because they disagree with their representative.

Can I still sign up if I'm a member of another political party?

Yes! The AEC is specific in their criterion for registration: "at least 500 members who are on the Commonwealth electoral roll and who are not also relied upon by another party for registration purposes." This means you're able to support Flux as a founding member if you're a member of any other party with a parliamentarian (so Labor, Liberal, Nationals, Greens, etc are all okay). The only time it is an issue is if you are a member of a party who does not have a parliamentarian, and are used by that party to support their registration.

Where do you provide attribution for creative common licensed works?

Here: voteflux.org/attribution

Is your voting system the same as direct democracy?

No. Although there are similarities, they are philosophically very different. The main practical differences are:

  • Swapping votes is allowed
  • Saving 'political capital' over time is allowed
  • Some similarities are: conservation of votes and distributing uniformly over the population. 'Conservation of votes' is said in the same way we'd talk about 'conservation of energy' => they cannot be created or destroyed, so the number of votes before trading is always equal to the number of votes after trading, regardless of what went on in the middle.

Where is the Flux constitution?

Here: https://github.com/voteflux/flux/blob/master/CONSTITUTION.md

When was party registration finalized?

March 29th 2016; an extremely quick application time of 2 months and 2 days.

How can I revoke my membership?

There is a button on your user details page in red at the bottom. All you need to do is click that. You were emailed a link to your user details when you joined, from the Flux Membership Robot. You can have another link sent to you here if you require it.

As per the constitution, you cannot revoke your membership via email.

Where is my member details page?

Your member details link is sent to you when you first sign up. If you need it to be sent again, you can do so here.

How do I become a volunteer?

Please either tick the box on your member details page, or put your email in to this page, you'll then be sent further instructions :). Most of the volunteer coordination happens via our community forums.

How do you prevent people voting more than once on the Flux app?

We validate every participant against the electoral role before we start giving them votes. Additionally, all votes are public so if someone were to try and vote twice it would be immediately obvious and can just be ignored by auditors. Since auditing software will be publicly available, anyone can audit and verify the result of any issue that goes through the Flux system.

For emails and other responses to various concerns see our:
Responses to common concernscall_made

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