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Membership Growth

Over last N 24 hr periods Absolute Percentage
{{days}} {{flux.growthAbsolute(days)}} {{(flux.growthStat(days) * 100).toString().slice(0,4)}} %
Members born before 1981: {{flux.before1981Pct}}%
Members born in or after 1981: {{flux.after1981Pct}}%

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You can view a log of donations on our Donate page as well as below.

Disclaimer re donation log: Donations (as of Sept 2018) are made to the Flux Foundation and tagged for use by different branches. In some cases this means a corresponding donation does not appear on party disclosure statements, or appears as part of a bulk donation from the Flux Foundation. That said, depending on jurisdiction such a donation might appear on the Foundation's disclosure statement. Furthermore, it might not appear on any disclosure statement if those funds are used for general things not directly related to the individual branch (e.g. paying our AWS bill). In any case, be aware this donation log is a best-effort attempt at transparency, not a replacement for, substitute for, or even an indication of our official disclosures. No data on this page regarding donations comes with any guarantee of accuracy.

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Donations This FY

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All Donations since Sept 2017

Donation Log

Note: This log shows most, but not all* donations, since Sept 2017.
*: That's only because we haven't implemented all the features in the admin app yet.

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Membership Stats (Tables)

Monthly Growth Rates

Month Growth % Net Change Members (end of mo)
{{month.name}} {{month.rate}}% {{month.netChangeStr}} {{month.nMembers}}

Average monthly growth: {{flux.averageMonthlyGrowth}}%

Geometric mean monthly growth: {{flux.gmMonthlyGrowth}}%

Member Breakdown by State

State # Members # w/ Valid Details # w/out Valid Details # Awaiting Validation*
{{state}} {{flux.getinfo.n_members_state[state]}} {{flux.getinfo.n_members_validated_state[state]}} {{flux.getinfo.n_members_not_valid_state[state] || "**"}} {{flux.getinfo.validation_queue_state[state]}}
  • Members are only counted if the self-report as on the Electoral Roll
  • #: roughly translates as "Number of Members"
  • *: Includes members with valid details that have not been re-validated in the last 90 days.
  • **: Not yet implemented or no data or 0


Email Queue Length: {{queueData.email_queue_length}}
SMS Queue Length: {{queueData.sms_queue_length}}
{{qName}} Queue Length: {{qLen}}

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