Please note: If you donate more than $13,000 total in one year we are required by law to disclose your name and address to the AEC. We will not be able to accept such donations if we don't have those details. Please email us if you'd like to make a large donation.

NB: The first $1500 of the donation are tax deductable.

All donations need to come with a name and address (unfortunately) due to reporting laws. Basically we need to ensure any single person doesn't donate more than $13,000 per year.

Please let us know via email if you would like public attribution.

Flux currently accepts donations via three methods:

Email contact for donations:

Note: our PayPal email for donations is - is deprecated.

Donation Log

Note: This log only shows PayPal donations where the address was provided at the time of donation. We're working on integrating bank transfers and PayPal donations where the address was omitted. (Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to help)