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Donation disclosure and tax info

It probably goes without saying, but this isn't legal advice and all that. Also the numbers change so it might be out of date.

Please note: If you donate more than $13,000 total in one year we are required by law to disclose your name and address to the AEC. We will not be able to accept such donations if we don't have those details. Please email us if you'd like to make a large donation.

NSW: If you donate more than $1000 in the ~6 months before an election (see NSWEC site for details) you'll need to disclose it to them within 16 weeks, (and we need to disclose it within 21 days).

NB: The first $1500 of your donations (across all political parties) for the financial year are tax deductible. [ATO Link](

All donations need to come with a name and address (unfortunately) due to reporting laws. Basically we need to ensure any single person doesn't exceed thresholds.

Donate via Bank Transfer

Name (for all accounts): The Flux Foundation Limited
Names aren't actually checked with domestic bank transfers (it's just for your statement), so you know, name it what you want.
National Branch | BSB: 062247 | Acct: 1031 6002
QLD Branch | BSB: 062140 | Acct: 1141 5539
VIC Branch | BSB: 062140 | Acct: 1141 5547

Note: You MUST email us after making a bank transfer with your name and address ( Otherwise we cannot accept the donation.

Donate to the National Branch with Crypto

Please keep in mind the above restrictions around disclosure limits still apply, and you'll still need to email us your name and address. Unless we're holding a fundraiser for something specific we'll hold Bitcoin/Ether as BTC or ETH until we need to spend it, and will spend AUD before crypto.

Email contact for donations:

Note: our PayPal email for donations is - is deprecated.

Donation Log

Note: This log shows most, but not all* donations, since Sept 2017.
*: That's only because we haven't implemented all the features in the admin app yet.

Disclaimer re donation log: Donations (as of Sept 2018) are made to the Flux Foundation and tagged for use by different branches. In some cases this means a corresponding donation does not appear on party disclosure statements, or appears as part of a bulk donation from the Flux Foundation. That said, depending on jurisdiction such a donation might appear on the Foundation's disclosure statement. Furthermore, it might not appear on any disclosure statement if those funds are used for general things not directly related to the individual branch (e.g. paying our AWS bill). In any case, be aware this donation log is a best-effort attempt at transparency, not a replacement for, substitute for, or even an indication of our official disclosures. No data on this page regarding donations comes with any guarantee of accuracy.