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Curtis Greening

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Curtis is an operations manager from Perth, Western Australia. He has seen technology revolutionise the way we do accounting, inventory control, customer relationship management and much more. While the basic principles and processes have stayed the same, new cloud based platforms have allowed for more efficiency, accountability, transparency and security. It seems like new technology platforms have revolutionised everything we do as a society except for 1 thing; Politics! Seeing no "show stopping" reason why our democracy can't be improved by the same technology, just like he did with business systems, Curtis went looking for a solution. Surely there were others disillusioned by corrupt, inefficient and misaligned politics that fail to represent the people or produce good outcomes? Amongst those people would be some that had the political, philosophical and technological expertise to create a solution? That's where he found Flux and IBDD (Issue Based Direct Democracy).

IBDD ticked all the boxes, a well thought out and comprehensive way to represent the people and produce good outcomes, not over simplified or unnecessarily complex, cutting out the need for career politicians with their bias towards their party, donors and their own self interest. Then it was time to look at Flux as a party. The method was to use the existing system to win a seat in parliament and represent the people in that electorate with the IBDD system, developing the platform from there. The more he looked into it, the more he was impressed. The people behind Flux were smart, moral, motivated and honest, there was no alternative agenda or sideline interest. Flux was the real deal! However, there was one problem, being a new party with no major financial backing, it was apparent that Flux would take a long time to show everyone who they were and what they wanted to do. This is why Curtis put his hand up an an ambassador and candidate. He hopes to do whatever he can with his own limited time and resources to show the Australian people that Flux and IBDD is at least worth a try.

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