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Dustin Perry

Dustin is a father of three from country Victoria, with a background in the construction industry. After an open letter he wrote to Prime Minister Turnbull went viral in 2017, Dustin played a key role in developing the Federal Governments Australian Brain Cancer Mission, and was appointed an inaugural member if its Strategic Advisory Board at Cancer Australia. He then went on in 2018 to approach every State and Territory Government, and attended a COAG meeting where he was able to secure the vote of every Health Minister to pass a motion to support the Mission.

It was this experience that made Dustin realize that we all have the power to influence significant change.

Dustin believes that the future of Australian politics will be a lot more inclusive, and he is passionate about developing and growing methods of empowering people and bringing them along for the ride as partners of Australian Government. Dustin hopes to see increased integrity, trust and respect in politics, with the expectation that this will encourage more people to take an interest in what is such an important part of life, and he particularly seeks to attract more young people from diverse backgrounds to get involved.

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