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Wasting time on Facebook one weekend, I joined Flux as a member. Then on a whim – probably because of my general interest in politics – I followed the links to register as a candidate, but I failed. I failed my candidacy interview with Daithi (Flux Campaign Officer), but I couldn’t let it drop. Being the driven to improve kind of person I am I wanted to know why I had failed. “Obviously I don’t know enough about Flux, so tell me more.”

A second coffee interview was booked in, and at this point I didn’t really care if I failed at becoming a candidate. My aim was to let Daithi know that I would do whatever the party needed me to as a volunteer. I was totally hooked on the idea of Flux. At the first Flux members meeting I was introduced to and subsequently joined the Finance team – given my accounting experience and qualifications – and have been there ever since, being “promoted” to Treasurer early in 2018. After learning more about Flux, I finally passed that candidate interview and ran for election in the WA campaign as No 2 on the Mining & Pastoral Ticket - the biggest electorate in the Southern Hemisphere – which allowed me to go on the campaign trail in my home town of Kalgoorlie. Now with the Federal Election coming up, I’ve stepped up to No 1 on the Senate ticket.

So what does my family think? Being an accountant and with my interest in politics (did debating at school in South Australia) my family used to joke that they would buy me a “young Liberals” membership especially when I supported the GST unlike other students my age at Uni. And my father’s family have always been involved with the labour party with my paternal great grandfather being a founding member of the WA branch. In WA at the time they were fighting for the 8 hour working day in the mines of Kalgoorlie as at the time immigrant workers were agreeing to 12 hour shifts. But I’ve always been about the policies – like supporting the GST – and less about the individual or the party. That’s why when Flux appeared on my Facebook newsfeed, I couldn’t help but follow the links to register.

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