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Seb Carrie-Wilson

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Seb is an Engineer and new technology enthusiast. He has never felt truly aligned with any of the major parties and over the years he has seen too many broken promises and bad decisions from all sides of politics. Seb is representing the Flux party because he believes that if the public are given the right tools they will be able to lead with more consistency, integrity, honesty and flexibility than any one party. He is excited to see the Flux system upgrade democracy and return power to where it belongs; the people.

He graduated from The University of Western Australia with Bachelor degrees in Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science. He has previously worked in the resources sector and currently works in the defence industry as an Electrical Engineer. In his spare time he enjoys surfing, rugby, bikes of all types and reading about all things new in technology.

Seb sees enormous potential for technology to empower ordinary people to be a greater and more effective force in their democracy. He looks forward to a political future that allows voters to have their voice heard not just on election day, but on every piece of legislation.

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