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Jason Gavriel

  • email jason.gavriel@voteflux.org

Jason is a software engineer by trade, futurist and life-long learner born and raised in Sydney. He is passionate about decentralised systems and how they can be used to govern. Jason holds a B. Software Engineering and B. Science (Nanotechnology).

Jason believes the current political system is prone to corruption and doesn't incentivise progress. He strongly believes that Flux will steer governments in Australia more effectively than any party before it by dynamically testing and amending policy.

I don't feel like I 100% align with any major or minor party on every issue. Politics is way to nuanced for a single representative to accurately represent their electorate even if they are benevolent. Flux's system of Issue Based Direct Democracy allows me to vote on the issues I care about instead of worrying about politicians and tribalism.

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