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Kipling believes that everyone should have equal access to policy decision making. He was born and raised on the Central Coast, NSW. He completed his BE in 2013 and is currently undertaking his PhD at the University of Sydney (USYD).

He is tutor at USYD and is passionate about teaching and practicing computer programming as a solution to everyday problems. As such, he recognises the importance of using technology to help transition from an outdated Representative Democracy.

Sharing the common feeling, that many Australians have, of not being represented in policy making, Kipling sees the Flux party as the alternative that will give all people their fair say. Being a strong believer in democracy, he recognises that Issue Based Direct Democracy (IBDD) is an elegant solution; as it addresses many problems that occur in other types of Direct Democracies.

“I am excited to see Australia move forward and flourish under a better democracy!”

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