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Liam Jarvis

Liam is excited about making "issues based democracy" the future of our democratic process.

Coming from humble beginnings in country NSW, Liam has had his own challenges to rise above and has experienced employment in multiple fields from Agriculture, hospitality and construction to real estate, entertainment and media.

Issue-based direct democracy is something that appeals to Liam's frustrations with democracy and his passion for the right of the voter to be heard. When Liam found FLUX he was inspired and became driven to bring the dreams of the FLUX founders to fruition.

Liam believes that by providing a real option for change, to a generation of people who feel like there is no alternative to our two party preferred system, change can happen. With broad views on issues in various areas, Liam dreams that FLUX can be an alternative for the currently disconnected populous. Liam believes FLUX will provide the solution that many people have been searching for.

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