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Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow

Meow-Ludo is a Sydney based hacker that is responsible for starting the biohacker movement in Australia. He created Australia's first open biotech lab, BioFoundry. He has started a number of companies mainly in biotechnology ranging from medical to agricultural. He casually lectures in trans-disciplinary innovation, bionanotechnology, and space-related fields. He frequently comments on all TV stations, taking on the role of a science communicator.

He is most well known for having an Opal (transport) card implanted into his hand. This resulted in a lengthy court case in which has was given a section 10 on two charges, meaning that even though he agreed that he broke the rules, that no conviction would be recorded. This case raised many questions for the general public relating to bodily sovereignty, ownership of implantable technology, and civil liberties in general.

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