Flux launching DigiPol app for WA 2021 State Election

The Flux Party is releasing a technical preview our app DigiPol to bring #DigitalDemocracy to the WA state election in March 2021. The app is designed to give people access to a digital parliament on their smartphones. It has been developed by an open source community of developers and testing among Flux members for a number of months. In the coming weeks, more Flux members and the general public will be invited to join the platform.


Why Holacracy?

Flux is a volunteer-lead, resource-constrained, distributed organisation. These characteristics require that we think and operate in ways which might not fit standard expectations about how organisations are run. Classic organisational models often struggle to deal with cases that do not fit the standard centralised company model (where people are together in the same location for extended times every day), and Flux was experiencing those types of issues. To progress and move the organisation forward, we recognised that we should consider some non-conventional models and assess if that might address our issues. Holacracy is the starting point on that journey.


Flux is Australia's Most Transparent Political Party

Morality is, by definition, our best ideas on how to live. It is incredibly important. At Flux, we care about living and acting with integrity and morality, in all we do. Like all people and organisations, we’re fallible, so taking our values seriously means that sometimes we’ll make mistakes, but also that we’re open to the criticism that will help us improve. Receiving (and requesting) that criticism is part of our methods of error correction, a concept foundational to the best ideas on morality I know of. (See Beginning of Infinity, Chapter 9 and 10)


Q & A - How is Legislation Submitted in Flux / IBDD?

As you might know, Flux uses a new system of democracy called Issue Based Direct Democracy (or IBDD). It’s a new system that combines economics and politics to make an interesting, new method of collective decision making. It’s not just a voting system since it needs many different people and issues to work effectively. It’s also not super simple to understand fully, but this post should give you a bit of an idea and you’ll have a good overview by the end.


Philosophy Whitepaper

Flux’s philosophy whitepaper Redefining Democracy has now been published, and we’d like to invite you to read it.

Abstract: This paper identifies fundamental flaws in our current democratic systems and explains that while they were useful previously, no longer serve their purpose and need to be replaced. We will explain how authority in democracy acts as a restriction on political progress, and describe a new model of democracy which removes authority from decision making, allowing a new era of political prosperity.